Features To Look For In a Gaming Mouse

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Features To Look For In a Gaming Mouse

Selecting the right gaming mouse to buy can end up being a bit of a challenge, especially for those who are new in the gaming world and are unsure of what to look for. It is not just a matter of buying a new mouse or the best gaming mouse 2016. It is more about getting the right one that will suit all your needs appropriately. Some of the features to consider include:

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The size of the mouse definitely matters. Select a gaming mouse that will feel right in your hand when you hold it is key to you excelling in your games and maximizing the experience. Ensure that all the buttons are positioned in places where you can reach them easily, and there are no sharp edges that feel uncomfortable to you.

The overall shape of the mouse should also not be annoying to you and should fit well in your hand. The same mouse will give a different feel to different individuals based on the size and shape of the hand meaning that you have to get one that suits you specifically.

Custom weight

The weight of the gaming mouse is also another thing to consider. Weight customization is an added advantage. A lightweight mouse will reduce fatigue during prolonged gaming sessions. A heavy mouse on the other hand will provide better gaming control.

A compromise has to be made in one way or the other and a great solution presents itself in a gaming mouse that has adjustable weights. You can alter the weight accordingly to find your most appropriate weight.

DPI rating

It is advisable to have a gaming mouse that has the option of adjusting the DPI rating. The ability to set the responsiveness of the mouse is important because it forms the foundation on how the courser is controlled as well as the in-game view. Changing the DPI rating should also be a natural process.


Gaming MouseThe gaming mouse should come with an included software which will give you the ability to customize the mouse a lot further. Normally, you should be able to customize all the technical aspects of the mouse and save the settings through the included software. The ability to do this will help you tailor the mouse just for you.

Number of buttons

The number of buttons that a gaming mouse should have depends on the games that you play. MMO gamers will usually want as many programmable buttons as possible, meaning the more, the better.