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Are You “Addicted” To Your Smart Phone?

Are You Addicted To Your Smart Phone

When your smartphone is too smart for your own good

It happens sometimes – your smartphone is too smart for your own good. With the modern invention of portable devices such as digital smartphones, an individual can be connected to the internet 24 hours a day. This is being ‘addicted’ to the smartphone. It might be a good thing as one may not miss an email from a client and as well it is a great way while one is waiting in a line. But, like any other good thing, it is good not to go overboard. The outstanding question is: is electronic device addiction a bigger problem than most people think?

Being addicted to a smartphone seems silly, but it is possible. The device is considered psychoactive; using it can alter moods and create pleasurable feelings. Some of the key signs of unhealthy smartphone use include;

1. Staying up to late using smartphone

If an individual wants to go to bed early but he or she is compelled to stay up and interact with people online until the wee hours then this is a problem. It has become a big trouble to adolescence. Having a distinct cut off time for the electronic device is imperative so as to maintain healthy relationship with them

2. Smartphone has unintended consequences to family life

A child may want to tell a story to a parent, but the parent is chatting on the smartphone. Instead of responding well, he or she tells the child ah huh,’ obviously not paying close attention. This is a sign of negative effect on the child. It may make a child act up more so as to get parents attention. There is a need to make a conscious effort not to use the smartphone while spending time with the family.

3. Smartphone use can create dangerous situationAre You Addicted To Your Smart Phone

Just like any other person would not read a book or fire up the laptop when driving, there is no need of using a smartphone to check emails or send messages while driving. This is creating a dangerous situation, and it is evident that the device is unhealthy. It is better for the other party to wait long to receive the message other than risking one’s life just to get in touch with them.

– When your smartphone is too smart for your own good then think twice. It is easy to get the device under control by realizing that the world is not going to end if the phone is not picked up. As well, it is good to set aside some time to get the smartphone unplugged. There is no need of being addicted. If the use of smartphone becomes a distraction, then the user has the power to turn them off.