Common Reasons Why Women Wear Perfumes


Common Reasons Why Women Wear Perfumes

People have worn perfumes and numerous other fragrances since time immemorial. To begin with, perfumes are scented products obtained by mixing some aromatic compounds with selected oils. Today, there are a million and one fragrances across the globe with additional new brands being introduced in the market. You can visit the official site of Natura for a more comprehensive list of the latest perfumes today. The reasons for wearing fragrances varies from one person to another. In this article, we will reveal some of the most common reason why women are into perfumes.

Positive Outlook In Life

Perfume bottlesIt’s no secret that perfume can make a woman feel wanted. It connects with her memories and helps her show that individuality is phenomenal. Supposedly, this remarkable boost of positivity in a woman’s everyday life increases her vitality, enhances her resistance to failure, and improves her drive to accomplish mega tasks.

Sex Drive

Most fragrances including perfumes are scented. This scent can trigger hormones that ignite sexual appetite. The same hormone that’s triggered by perfume is said to play a crucial role in human sexuality. Natural human hormone analogs can be found in some fragrances mainly to give scents that trigger heightened sexual appetite.

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Although most of the pheromones hormones only work on men, this is an advantage to any women wearing perfumes. She can instill a greater sexual desire in any man she likes. In return, she can significantly boost her self-esteem as her feelings of being wanted. Thus, the power to have any man on your palm as a woman is just a few dollars away. However, bear in mind that this isn’t the reason why all women wear perfumes.

Boost Memory

Industry experts claim that there’s an adamant connection between fragrance and memory. For example, you may be somewhere sitting and smell something from a restaurant that reminds you of something your mother used to make when you were a kid. Perhaps, something like chocolate brownies, a queen cake, homemade or raspberry pie. A lotion or a perfume that smells exactly like raspberries can bring memories of raspberries too. The same applies to hundreds of other fragrances and scents out there that connects us with positive and warm nostalgic memories such as the smell a boyfriend or a husband’s cologne on his shirt. The smell of special holidays, the scent of snow or rain, and so on and so forth. Connecting yourselves to fond memories through fragrances can make you happy as a woman.